SUPPORT GROUP: Having LV lusts? Come moan, or show your love!

  1. I've decided to start a new thread from the previous one:

    I'm constantly having a heart attack when I see someone with a Manhattan PM and have been frantically searching [​IMG]on eBay, LT, and other sites too! Every minute I've been telling myself "no, no, no!!" :sad:. I've just bought 2 bags last month, I can't justify having more for now! My SO has been giving me the "silent" treatment. He knows that I love LV! I don't want to go overboard when I don't really need that many (and hurt him) :crybaby:!

    I've decided to start a support group! Is anyone having the same dilemma? Maybe thread supporters can show some :heart: by posting something LV-related (pictures, anything, really!) to soothen our "lusts"?

    Lets support each other!!! :crybaby:

    I'll start by some cute smileys to "form" this support group!


    a pile of tPFers...LOL.
  2. Aha good idea! I have to go now but i sha'll return later to moan k? :nuts:
  3. LOL great idea! I'll be back later to post pics and :drool: over everyone's LVs!
  4. I just got two new bags a couple of weeks ago and want more, but realistically know that I have to wait. Actually, I am taking this time to really love the 2 new bags that I have before they get thrown in the closet for something newer and shinier, lol. I have a purse fund, but it will be depleated soon on my credit card bill. I am actually going to put myself on a self-imposed ban until my credit card is paid off. I will have to live vicariously through everyone here.
  5. ^self-imposed bans are so hard... :sad:
  6. I'm getting a black epi Keepall with gold hardware as part of my bday pressie, but my birthday isn't until 19 May! :nuts: I've been constantly daydreaming of what it'll look like with all my outfits...just ordered a black MC scarf to go with it today.

    WORST PART IS, it'll be paid for on 1st May but I'm not allowed to use it til my bday :cry:

    It's driving me CRAZY!
  7. Oh yeah, and discovering let-trade is really killing me...I start work at the end of May and I'm already planning what to my with my wage that hasn't been earnt!

    I forgot to mention my lust over the Miroir Lockit...i am SO EXCITED about it, if I manage to get one, it'll be the very first bag I fund myself. It'll be a proud moment but I'm dying to know whether I'll get one or now :cry:
  8. I have a lust over anything Nomade... I'm thinking of getting a brown Nomade Pocket Organizer soon! :drool:
  9. I'm lusting over the Manhattan PM too....:drool::drool:
  10. we need to hug each other and cry~~ sigh.. :crybaby:

  11. I'm a little over LV (don't hurt me, please!!!), but I'm lusting after a yellow epi noe...however, I can't seem to find one from my fave seller...:sad:
  12. I'm lusting over a BH but can't get it until 1. my divorce is over and 2. my ccs are paid off. But it will be a great present to myself when I get through everything! :yahoo:
  13. Every time I see a post with a pomme bag there is the twinge of fear I'm going to miss out. I'm lusting for the bedford but I can't get it until the new cc comes in. Which will take many more days because I keep putting off applying! I need to get my act together!! And in the space of one day I managed to fall in love with the obsession glitter sunnies, inclusion accessories and all the bandeaus. The upside of it all is that accessories are easier to hide from the family :graucho:
  14. I am really lusting over the denim speedy in linchen. I also wouldn't mind it in fuschia. I just think the green would go with more. I like the size of it and I love that it's handheld and I think it would be great for the summer.

    I had put it out of my mind because we were thinking about moving but now we have put that on hold for at least a year so I am back to obsessing about my next bag. I am being patient because my DH usually likes to surprise me (and trust me, he knows exactly what I want).
  15. I keep obsessively thinking about the Vernis Pomme color and which bag do I want it in -- Reade or Roxbury Drive. I know that I am running out of time to buy the color and it makes me really annoyed that I live almost 1000 miles from a LV store. I have never seen the color in person and I have to try on bags before I buy them (just can't buy them over the internet without seeing them in person first), so it is looking like I might not get the bag. However, that doesn't stop me from staring at pictures and drooling over the bag and thinking that I need a cles as a wallet if I buy the reade...stop me please!