Superbowl commercials..

  1. Are not funny at all this year..

    ugh how dissapointing.
  2. Jessica Simpson's lipstick is just atrocious!

  3. Her lips are lookin' a little too big lately now that you mention it
  4. I thought the Etrade and FedEx commercials were pretty funny. That's it so far.
  5. im not even watching it. im so tired i cant even reach for my remote.
  6. ^^^:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. They were pretty bad. I did like the beer commercial with the wedding and the fast talking auctioneer. That was at least funny.
  8. They were mostly duds this year, I think. I did like that one ^^^.
  9. Canada didn't show any of them, so I had to go to the CBS website after the game to catch the commercials. I didn't see the Jessica Simpson one, though.

    I liked most of them. Both Bud Light and Coca-Cola had some interesting concepts:

    Bud Light
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors for the last Bud Light.
    • Having an auctioneer as the minister to speed through the ceremony to get to the Bud Light faster
    • The fist bump being out and the face slap being the new thing
    • The debate on whether or not a couple should pick up a hitchhiker. The woman said no because he has an axe and the guy said yes because he had Bud Light. They pick him up only because the hitchhiker said the axe was a bottle opener. Then all three of them see another hitchhiker. The guy wants to pick him up because he has Bud Light, too. The hitchhiker points out that the other hitchhiker has a chainsaw.
    • The gorilla that ruined the other gorilla's three year plan to steal the Bud Light delivery because he missed his cue to jump. He was too distracted posing for a camera.
    • The Grand Theft Auto type videogame. Except in this version, the main character passes out Coca-Cola and does nice things for people and giving a little love.
    • The Coke machine is a happiness factory: a magical land where magical creatures fill, bottle, cap and chill the bottle of Coke before it comes out of the machine.
    I also liked the Sierra Mist commercial. The one where the boss tells an employee he's going to have to be let go because the employee's beard combover makes the boss question his decision making qualities. The employee asks if he started drinking Sierra Mist Free could he keep his job. the boss says Sierra Mist Free is a good choice, but no, he can't keep his job.The now ex-employee storms out complaining about how some of the norms he just doesn't get. We notice he's not wearing any pants.
  10. I liked the Emerald Nuts commercial. The idea that eating a handful of Emerald Nuts around 3:00, when your blood sugar is low, will keep Robert Goulet from coming in and messing up your stuff.

    I loved the fact that Kevin Federline could make fun of himself in the Nationwide Insurance commercial. Instead of being a famous rapper, he's working in a fast food restaurant.

    The Sprint Broadband commercial was great. The format was spoofing those erectile dysfunction medicine commercials. (People without Sprint Broadband have Connectile Dysfunction.)
  11. None really amused me and the Fedx one was *sorta* funny just because I had heard of it before. Otherwise... blah.
  12. I agree, the Kevin Federline one was funny, as was the Coca Cola Gorilla commercial. The commercials were sort of funny too.
  13. Superbowl Commercials were interesting to me and I enjoyed watching them.
  14. Wasn't there supposed to be a guy proposing to his girlfriend?? I was looking for that one, but never saw it..
  15. The Oprah/Letterman commercial was my favorite. Especially if you know about the Oprah-Dave history from his show.