Super Quick Reveal- Iris Kelly

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  1. Hi ladies

    gettin right to it..

    iris kelly 35 retourne togo.. phw

    love it!:smile:

    rich purple colour...not too in your face...a neutral in my opinion:smile:

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  2. wowza!!!!!
  3. oh lord, the color is amazing!!! Congrats! :love::love::love:
  4. Did you get this at FSH? I love it.
  5. WOW! Wonderful color! Congrats!
  6. yes got it at fsh! its delicious isnt it?

    this is from my BBerry, i cudnt capture real colour from camera...
    with flash, the bag looks electric blue
  7. I was just there. I'm still in Paris now. I love it!!!!!! Congratulations. It is rather neutral IMO. I love the deep color. Wear it in good health. I have been asking daily for Iris with gold hw.
  8. yes iris with GHW will look richer..but i wanted a phw as my kelly alezan is already with GHW...
  9. no luck with ostrichs in FSH cudnt place order also...wanted lindy not one avail...placed order for mykonos 30cm...hope it comes thru
  10. It will come through. I think that orders will resume in October. The SA's were really superb. Congratulations on your amazing new bag. I'm so excited for you.
  11. really fabulous! WOWzers, it's AMAZING!!! What a find!
  12. Gasp it is gorgeous congrats!!!
  13. Gorgy! Congratulations!
  14. Gorgeous color, very rich.....Love it, many congrats
  15. Beautiful handbag!!! Gorgeous color!!! Congratulations:biggrin: