Super dumb metallic reissue question...

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  1. Can they be worn as an everyday bag? Or too glitz or glam? Shoot, I don't even know why I'm asking this question as I plan to wear my drk silver as much as possible. :wlae:
  2. it shouldn't be too glam for day time consider metallics are still in, LV's Mahina xs came in metallic shades too, and it's certainly not design for evenings. :yes: i've used met purple during day plenty of times.
  3. I agree, I use my metallics during the day too, especially the navy. They're too nice just to be bought out in the evening!
  4. i wore my red 227 yesterday to lunch & then to bloomies private sale...i felt great & very appropriate...i seem to be more careful than when carrying a tote...and i don't think it holds as much "stuff" as my classic jumbo flap...
  5. Haha I feel the same way about my purple metallic. Since it was an early birthday gift, I'm not even supposed to use it before April 5th. I haven't worn mine much outside of nights out with my husband and I'm worried about my summer wardrobe not exactly matching. I'm planning a trip to the fabric store though to make myself some dresses. And some nude colored Louboutins. I want to wear it all the time!
  6. I am a real dummy when it comes to posting pics and I also just need help with this but............does anyone have outfit suggestions to wear with the various metallic bags? I plan on wearing silver sandles with my navy metallic but am still pondering what clothes to put with it??????????:shrugs::shrugs::rolleyes::oh:
  7. ^Gerry I think the navy looks amazing with pale grays and then of course black/denim/whites. The metallic bags are very beautiful on their own, so I think the simpler the outfit the more sophisticated the look. On the other hand if you have too much going on it all competes with each other and comes off as trying too hard. JMO
  8. I couldn't agree more! Simpler is better! I just wanted to add that i am a stay at home mom. I got the navy and silver 228 last month and decided they are just too lovely not to be worn as daily bags. Here is what I started to do. I have a spot on my kitchen counter where i keep my 228 silver and my Mahina XL in Gris. Since I keep all the things in little LV pouches (it is easier to find stuff in my Mahina that way) I can switch bags back and forth quickly. I find I am really enjoying this method. So when I need a fab but casual bag I go with the Mahina and when I want to look a bit more polished i dump my koala wallet, mini agenda, hermes cosmetic pouch and damier mini pochette (with phone and keys and day care cards) in the 228 and i am out the door in two minutes! Seems to be working the best for me! otherwise, i would always go to my big bags and let my reissues sit for special occassions. But now having my big casual bag handy to switch to (versus digging in all my chanel boxes in the closet when I am already late to get out the door) seems to be working for me! I can wear my Mahina to the zoo and then switch fast to my 228 for shopping or out to dinner! But I think the bigger reissues work great for day AND dialy wear!!! Trish
  9. Thanks,mmmm, I will try that. I seem to have a lot of color in my wardrobe right now so will look for gray,especially, to compliment my navy. I'll have to experiment. Maybe I should go look at the Chanel in action thread and hope to see some pics in there!:upsidedown::flowers:
  10. I would totally use a metallic flap at any time! They look great dressed up or down.
  11. I use my navy whenever the weather allows (and of course the things I have to carry with me)
  12. Hermes_lemmings: This is not a dumb question at all. Check out this latest article from The host of Bagsnob Tina is highly recommending the bold color and metallic for this season. :tup: