super comfy BR espiladrilles

  1. HAD to share this with u girls =)
    Just bought this today. Im not a fan of paying full price for anything nowadays=p esp not for banana republic stuff. But i HAD to have these!!!! im going on vacation to asia, and thought these would be perfect walking shoes......they have a kitten 2 inch heel but felt like flats! the foot padding also VERY comfortable. i highly recommend them!!!! they come in diff colors/patterns too!

    PS tip - size run big, order half size down.
  2. Good to know, thanks for the tip!
  3. oh those are cute!! I have been looking for some cute espadrilles like that.
  4. thanks for the tip! I am always looking for comfy shoes!
  5. These are great, I bought them 2 months ago, and they were instantly wearable--comfortable--the polka dot ones are super cute, as well!!
  6. Really cute.
  7. thanks guys!!! :yes:
  8. thanks for the tip! always on the lookout for cute but heeled shoes....
  9. Have you walked around a lot in these yet, shihfan?

    I'm browsing this area because I'm headed to Spain soon and need some comfortable summery shoes to get me through the days! I'll definitely go check these out today at my BR though... just curious if you had spent some time walking in them to see if they are comfy for days of being on your feet.