Super clingy kitty

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  1. My cat is always up my butt. I love my kitty really I do but lately he has become super clingy. I am spending a lot more time at home so maybe thats why. But no matter what I do he is always right there like "oh hai!" If I am working he has to sleep on me all day. Can't sleep next to me. Has to sleep ON me. Right now I just pushed him off and he is sleeping with half his body on me with his head resting on my hands so as my fingers move while I'm typing, his little head is bopping up and down but he's still asleep. If I push him off he just comes right back and keeps pushing his head under my hands until I pet him. If I drink anything he will stick his face in my glass to see what it is. If I get up he follows me. I don't have the heart to lock him out. I feel so sorry for him like he must be super lonely or something.
  2. Sounds like he REALLY loves his mommy. I would probably enjoy it but if it is a bit much you can always get him a friend. Then you would probably have 2 velcro kittys. LOL
    And of course we need pics of this little sweetie. :P
  3. While I can certainly understand this being frustrating I'm cracking up reading this!!!!! I :love: your cat hahaha

    Maybe your cat is just in a needy phase.
  4. This is me trying to read :upsidedown:

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  5. aww. your kitty is just very imprinted on you. as hard as it may be, you'll have to use cat language to get her to back off. she won't be offended. no matter what you do - save setting her on fire or abusing her in any way - you are mommy and thats all there is to it. she will never stop depending on you.
    you need to push her away from you and give her a firm "no" or a "maw" sound (thats what a mom kitty would do). when kitties get to be too much for mom kitty to handle, they have no qualms letting the kitties know they need to back off. if you just observe cat behavior with kittens, you will see. they will still cuddle up with mom and each other, they just learn new boundaries. be firm but loving. and of course, give lots of love and praise for doing what you ask.
  6. Awww! :love:
  7. ^^ Thanks shoo I'll try it. I'm pretty sure he thinks we're his cat parents. When he wants to wake me or DH up he jumps on the bed and licks our heads until we get up. lol
  8. OMG my cat is like that too! He is also an orange kitty! He always has to sit or sleep on me..which is adorable but less so if I need to work at home sometimes. He also creeps into the bedroom at night, and then I wake up to find a cat sleeping on my tummy...his whole body or his head, something! I find it adorable so I haven't had the heart to stop it. :love: He also grooms me, and if he gets close enough, he even tries to groom my face!
  9. He is so handsome! I wish my kitty was like that, lately she's been so grouchy (must be too hot)
  10. better than being *****-slapped in the face at 6am like my old male cat used to do to me! :lol:
  11. ^^^lol
  12. My cat Piper is the same. I thought she needed a friend, but now I do have two velcro kitties. Oh well, I just chalk it up to Piper being hand-raised and Dante being very grateful for having a forever home after those years on the street. That being said, what Shoo mentioned in her post works pretty well. But if that doesn't work, just close the door.
    Oh and your kitty is adorable!
  13. When I ignore the kitties licking my hair, it escalates to ***** slapping!:graucho:
  14. one of my cats has become increasingly clingy over the past year or so. she follows me around with a dog. at nights she'll come to my bed and cuddle between my shoulder and face or in the nook of my arm. she isn't to the point of your cat where she ALWAYS has to be near me because she'll lay with me for awhile when watching tv.. then wonder off for awhile... then come back later....
    i think it's cute until she tries to put her paw in my food ;)
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: