Super Bourge Boots

  1. Hi everyone I need some advice here!
    I bought at the end of last year an extremely rare (have never seen them ever on the net eBay included!) pair of black super bourge boots they are like the last years bourge but with a platform. The problem is I have worn them twice and they kill me I don't just mean hurt I mean I have to take them off immediately because of extreme pain. Have any of you experienced this with CL's should I persist and see if it gets better or just sell them now while they are still brand new? They are undoubtably the best pair of boots I have ever seen but when I can't wear them for longer than an hour?????
  2. I am sorry to hear they are extremely painful. What part of it causes you the most pain? Is it the calf circumference, the height, or the toebox? I would hate to say you have to sell them, so see if you can break them in a little bit more. Wear them around the house with thick socks to stretch them out. If you are going to wear them out, try some padded inserts to cushion the foot. Please give them another chance before giving them up. Good luck!
  3. Are they too small for you? I wouldn't keep any shoe that is too small for me..chances are you won't be able to make it stretch enough, but it's worth a try to get it stretched at a cobbler or just wear it around the house with thick socks.
  4. What size are they and what size do you usually wear? Try stretching them out.
  5. I have the regular Bourge boots and they are fine for me. Maybe you can try to stretch them out but if you need to stretch them out a lot (1 full size) then sell them.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone I would really hate to sell them!! I am pretty sure they aren't too small it's more that they don't feel wide enough in the toebox and maybe (hate to say it) just so high that my foot cramps up?? I have bought 3 different sorts of insoles to try now so I will see how they go maybe you are right and they will stretch I hope so!!