Sunset Beach soap opera

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  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone remember this Soap. I cant stop thinking about it. I used to love this show. It was on in 1997 but I just loved it. I like the story line on the Island with the masked murderer, I liked the baby given to the daugher although it was the mothers baby and I loved the one where one girls boyfriends ex girlfriend was after her boyfriend back so she tried to give his new Girlfriend a disease from her mother. it had amazing storylines. If anyone else watched this please comment !. :nuts:
  2. I remember. I loved how they had Ben & Meg meet online. I can't remember how they communicated (email or im). That was a good show. I was sad when it got cancelled. You can find old episodes on youtube.
  3. i LOVED LOVED LOVED this soap hahaha i was sad when they took it off the air
  4. I remember Sunset Beach on NBC. I also remember that they made it a fact to have everyone on the show play the age they actually were.