Sunscreen on shoulder strap?

  1. Whenever I wear sunscreen on my arms and shoulders, the straps of my bags seem to get sticky from being in contact with the sunscreen. I've tossed away two bags (luckily they weren't expensive ones) because I couldn't stand how sticky the straps felt. So I'm really afraid to and haven't yet used my LV's when I'm wearing sunscreen. Does anyone else have input about this topic? I'd love to use my BH and mono Speedy in the summer but I'd like to know if they might get ruined from the sunscreen. TIA!
  2. That is a real dilemma. I try not to use sunscreen on the arm that's carrying my LV. Bad mistake. I have a sunburn that has not healed correctly. So I don't know if it's worth it to abandon ss or just wear a lightweight sweater over the shoulder. Hope fellow expert pfers will have a knowledgeable and helpful answer for you.:sad:
  3. Well, you can't replace your skin but you can replace your bag. But actually, you can replace you skin but it will cost more to do that than get a new bag or repair your bag! :s
  4. Can't you put the strap up on your clothing?
  5. ^^Yeah, tell me about the skin! I have a leather patch spot on my shoulder and upper arm: *ouch* It's hard to keep a strap from rolling down onto the arm with sunscreen. Not sure if the OP wears spaghetti tanks? Either way it would be dificult. :confused1:
  6. I always make sure that my strap is on top of my shirt, or I just use a hand held bag.
  7. Try to find a sunscreen thast absorbs completely. They do have some, and if you have to you can use one made for the face (which tend to be lighter and more absorbant but still give you SPF 15 or 30).
  8. I took my Piano Cabas to Hawaii & I had to wear sunscreen every day. It was about a year & a half old and I wore it a lot so it had a medium patina already. I just wiped it down with baby wipes & I haven't had any problems with sticky straps and it didn't darken it where it was on my shoulder either.
  9. They have spray sunscreens and other dry-touch formulas that let me use my bags without any problems. I know Neutrogena definitely makes both types.