Sunscreen and Bags

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  1. OK, now that summer is in full force upon us, am curious as to how you gals deal with sunscreen getting on your leather handbags - particularly the pricier ones. I love wearing tank tops in the summer, but I also slather on the sunscreen, so more often than not I find myself in the situation where the sunscreen has rubbed off on the bag. If it's a hobo, than sunscreen from the arms where it rubs against it. Also, I tend to get some on the handles from th sunscreen on my hands.

    I sometimes will carry a cheapie bag, just to avoid this. But would really like to carry my nicer bags as well.

    Anyone have any hints on how to deal with this? Whether there is a good sunscreen that doesn't do this, or a good cleaner...

  2. Funny you mention this! I'm on hols in the south of France and was worried about exactly the same thing. A few days after we arrived my new Gerard Darel bag was delivered. And then the day after that the weather became extremely hot. Since by then I was slathering on sunscreen I was scared to use the new GD in case of stains. I opted to stick with my great but ancient green canvas/leather MBMJ. Naturally I got stains on it one day. When I got back home I just spot-wiped the bag with mild detergent/warm water and my trusty MBMJ was fine a few hours later. But I don't think I'll wear the GD till I'm back in Ireland where there will be no need of sunscreen!
  3. For the sunscreen on your hands, just keep some wet wipes with you and after you apply the sunscreen, wipe it off the palms of your hands.

  4. I am always worried about this well as self tanner!
  5. This bugs me, too, so I end up using my chanel bag that has a chain strap. Not a perfect solution for everyone, obviously.
  6. I've been struggling with this as well. I think having a bag with open top, tote style for example would avoid rub-off on the interior of the bag. As far as the strap and exterior, I think leathers can be gently cleaned with a cotton cloth. Another alternative is to use something to wrap the handles like the Birkin owners do.
  7. Why didn't I think of Baby Wipes? Good idea! But the weather here in the south of France is so hot that I'm wearing sleeveless tops, with loads of sunscreen all over my arms. I still think I'll use an alternative bag to the new Gerard Darel, just in case. My MBMJ canvas bag is perfect for no-hassle summer use. I also have a monogram, laminated canvas Gucci bag that I might use. It's quite old as well, but still in great condition and a great workhorse bag.
  8. Thanks for the baby wipes idea... it will also be good for emergency bag wipes if I get sunscreen on the side. I think I will go get a nice bag on sale and then use it as my summer bag. The laminated bag is a good idea, as well. Wis someone would make bag-proof sunscreen!
  9. I would suggest avoiding oil-based sunscreen. Usually facial sunscreens don't have oil in them... that will help with the rubbing off b/c the oils are usually what cause the color to come off. Test it out on your old bag first, and then move to the Gerard Darel.