Sunglasses you want for summer!

  1. Oliver Peoples:
  2. I likey these ones by Tom Ford:

  3. Oakley Juliets:
  4. I like these:



    Roberto Cavalli


    Love that snake :biggrin: They don't really look that good on my face though.

    I also like the Valentino ones with the detachable butterfly, but I think they're gone :sad:
  5. oooohhh....yes!! i've been eyeing those cavalli glasses too!
  6. The Tom Ford ones!!! I want!!
  7. I really want a pair of big, oversized Chanels. But I love the pair I have now, so I won't be buying any new sunglasses for a while.
  8. ^^^oooo I saw those at the boutique they are CUTIES!
  9. Very cute! Ther's some big Chanel's I want too but I can't find a pic.
  10. I don't really have any nice sunglasses.. so I guess some Chanel 5076s to start with would be great !


    Of course if money wasn't an issue, I'd hunt down a pair of those Millionaire sunglasses designed by Pharell for Louis Vuitton !
  11. If money werent an issue I'd want the Cartier ones with the pink sapphires/diamonds. I think I was quoted $23000 :nuts: I could buy a nice birkin with that money instead :lol: The diamonds etc would probably hold their value better though.
  12. Holy cow ! That's a blingy pair of sunglasses !
  13. They sure were :biggrin: I'll get them someday :lol: Hopefully within the next 10 years. I don't think I could give up buying bags for a year lol.