Sunglasses Question

  1. Hey, ya'll.

    I've recently been considering picking up a pair of LV shades, specifically the Faux Semblant Rectangle in Azur. I've had a hell of a time tracking them down, but found out that there are a pair in a city I will be visiting next week. I'm still a little up in the air about spending $500 on a pair of sunglasses. My questions are:

    Are the sunglasses in the regular (not runway) lines limited edition? Do they make one batch and that's it? The girl told me there are only twelve pair left in the country . . . is that just for now, might my regular store get more in the future? And, if they do only make so many of each style, does anyone have any clue as to how many they manufacture? 100? 1000? Just curious.

    Thanks, ya'll!
  2. I have no idea sorry but I'll post to bump I'm sure someone who know's will be along soon
  3. The SA is only trying to make a sale imo...
  4. I would think that like other manufacturers of sunglasses they come out by season so if it's gone then it's gone. That doesn't mean it was limited because as you mentioned limited editions tend to have a set number of pieces made. These are only musing on my part. GoodLVck!!!
  5. ^ no, just like their bags, they have a core collection that are permanently available, then there's the seasonal ones which is the core collection models but in the season's new colours - amarante, teal, PdA, etc. - and then there's the runway pieces which are limited edition. i believe the Faux Semblant in azur is seasonal. have you tried them on? if you really love them, get it while you still can.
  6. Not sure about the sunnies. I don't know much about them since my LV store does not carry them :tdown:

    I have some expensive sunnies, Chanel, Ferragamo, Gucci, Juicy... I think $500 is a little much, but if you like them then go for it!
  7. ohh ioim not sure!!!
    but louis vuitton is better in fakes!!
    sorry girls