Sunglasses question

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  1. Does anyone know if the Coach sunglasses can be made with prescriptions? I wear glasses and would love a pair of Posey sunglasses but would need them in my prescription.

  2. well I haven't seen them but are going to try them on today! I bought a pair of chanels that I love but they couldn't be made into RX because the lenses were too curved, so I will let you know about these. but I found a way around it! got LASIK last weekend LOL love it!
  3. LASIK is awesome!! I would do it again in a hearbeat and pay 4 times the price!
  4. the chelsea can but alot of the larger lens ones cannot
  5. yeah, the poseys are pretty big, so I wouldn't think so. :sad: I was thinking about looking into getting one pair switched over. I almost never wear my glasses (contacts instead) because then I can't wear my sunglasses.