Sun is shining - off to Shepton!

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  1. It's a beautiful day - blue skies & sun & Shepton has an aqua Roxy. So I'm off to pick it up. I was going to wait until the May meet but the one at Bicester is marked according to the SA.
    Anyone looking for anything that you'd like me to look for while I'm there? I'' be leaving in about an hour so let me know.
  2. Oooo a personal shopper!!! Mmm,I have to behave until the meet,and actually,I'm done for a while I think? (worries me when I'm not in full on bag lust!)
  3. I'm hoping this second Roxy will cure the bag lust for a good few months. It's not going to go away until I indulge in another summer bag! I'm just hoping there's nothing new in that takes my fancy or I could be lusting all over again!!!
  4. Mmmm,I'm hoping after the mono,I'll settle down for a while too.I've built a great collection of bags in such a short space of time,and I really need to get using them rather than thinking of new ones!
  5. Me too! I tend to swap bags around more in winter than summer so two summer ones will do me. Lemon is great but it doesn't go with everything so with that & aqua I should be sorted.
  6. good luck and have fun sj! i'll shop vicariously through you for now. :smile:
  7. After this one, there's no more shopping for me for a veeeerrrrrrrrryyyyyy long time!
  8. Sons have staged a revolt & are refusing to go to SM! So may have to resort to mail out after all.
  9. Oh, how about some serious bribing - chocolate or icecream, perhaps?
  10. If you DO go (and I haven't left it too late) can you have a look and let me know if they have any Chocolate or Oak Roxannes (and their price) please?

    I'm trying to persuade hubby and I NEED a Roxanne. Luckily, we saw a lady with an Oak one when we went to Bicester (and I looked at the Lemon one in the shop) and he likes the style - prefers the Oak and Chocolate to the Lemon one though.
  11. Ali - I'm still hoping to get there later today. Just have to do some bribing of the boys to get them to come. There was an oak Roxy when I was there a couple of weeks ago. I think it was £416. If it's still there I'll check for you.
  12. Ali,I'm off to Chesh Oaks this avo,so I'll have a lil look for you too.xxxx

    Actually,just adding to this post,pm me your mobile number,and if there is anything there,I'll text you and you can take it from there if that suits???
  13. And what are you after Madam?????
  14. Oh y'know,nothing really. Hahahhahaa!!:lol:

    No actually I'm serious!!
  15. My friend is after an oak Somerset shopper if anyone spots one :flowers:

    (it's not for me, honest :P)