Summer Trashy Books!

  1. Well, ever since I was a kid, I always bought a couple of silly reads just for fun and to read at the beach...but this year, I am kind of stuck on what would be fun to read. I want something that's not too cheeky, not too steamy and not too youth oriented (I'm in my mid 30's lol)

    anyone have any good suggestions?
  2. have you read devil wears prada yet?
  3. That's such a good book, would recommend it to anyone :yes:
  4. girly fun:
    devil wears prada
    bitter is the new black by jen lancaster
    the shopaholic series
    good in bed by jennifer wiener

    the divinci code
    angels and demons

    the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime by mark haddon
    lamb by christopher moore
  5. La divorce, la marriage or l’affair, all three by Dianne Johnson…a fellow American in Paris who has the transatlantic culture down pat….funny, witty, intellegent...
  6. In Her Shoes and Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Wiener are very good also :smile:

    Chocolat by Joanne Harris is excellent too.
  7. ooh i loved chocolat! it was beautiful. :smile:

    and i forgot gregory maguire. wicked (and all the rest) are highly entertaining.
  8. Mary Kay Andrew's books--

    Hissy Fit
    Little Bitty Lies
    Savannah Breeze
  9. I highly, highly, highly recommend "My Horizontal Life" by Chelsea Handler. She is absolutley hysterical. The book is a collection of her own one night stand experiences. There are so many funny stories that I could and I'm sure others will be able to relate to.
  10. this is ultimite trash: Star by Pam Anderson.

    I found it on sale for twenty five cents and have secretly read it. (and yes, it's embarassing to admit that!)
    not a quality literary piece, but still great beach fun! ;)
  11. For some private school/college hijinx:

    Rules of Attraction
  12. oo such good suggestions - thank you! :smile:
  13. Social Crimes: A Novel - Jane Stanton Hitchcock

  14. Thats a great book.:heart:
  15. For trashy beach reads I love Nora Roberts....I can go through them soooo quickly. And also anything by jennifer Weiner (sp?).