Summer plans (July 2021!)


Aug 8, 2017
Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is staying well and safe during this pandemic, I'm sure it's not the most opportune time right now to pursue surgeries but hoping that next year is better. As noted in the title, I am going to be in Korea from the beginning and end of July (so July 1st to the 30th). The start of July is a little flexible, but for the most part, I was able to get cheaper accommodations through a family friend in the Gangnam area (a great area for finding clinics and such hehe).

It would be great to find a potential roomie and plastic surgery buddy to come along and stay with me! Rent is going to be far cheaper than market rate in Gangnam, but ideally, you're a guy (around my age 20) but honestly, I don't mind if you deviate from this. (Note that this is ideally, given comfort) but I'm open to rooming with anyone (let's talk first, either over KKT or Insta) and figure it out. I can most likely help be there for emotional support, coming with ya on your clinic adventures, etc! As such, serious inquiries only so feel free to send me a dm, or message me on KKT id is (Danbam19). Best of luck to everyone on their surgery research and adventures, you got this! :smile: