Summer Holiday is coming SOON!!!!

  1. OMG!!!
    in 2 weeks time...i'll be having my official summer break for 3 months!!!
    and by the 17th i'll be in Singapore and then back to Jakarta...
    i might be travelling to either shanghai or Hongkong...
    where will you guys be??
    spill spill spill...:lol:
  2. I'm taking summer classes, but before they start I'll spend a few days in Chicago! Yay, I hope everyone has great summers!
  3. ekekek... you guys are so LUCKY... its starting to get cold over here!!!!
  4. I wish I was going somewhere. It's okay, there will be plenty of things to do around the city and the Bay. Gilroy Garlic Festival, Union St. FAir,.....etc. I'm actually excited :nuts:
  5. SO AWESOME. I went once and it was so fun!
  6. i'll be starting the summer off with our brand new baby boy. so i doubt i'll be traveling anytime soon. i'm due in about 2-3 weeks. could be sooner. i can't wait. i'm so excited for our son to finally have a brother. i think it'll be good for him. he'll feel important to be able to help out and take care of another person. my husband's too excited about having two boys. bleh! you know how the male ego goes. it's going to be tiring the first couple months but it'll all be worth it. i sure will be hitting the malls for a new wardrobe though. i can't wait to be able to fit into my clothes again. shopping here i come! i hope you guys have a great summer!
  7. ^ Awww congrats! :amuse: I hope all goes well and you have a beautiful, healthy baby :love:

    &I'm staying here, working. I get 2-ish weeks off before I start though. So I'm RESTING and getting a tan. :P
  8. when is the garlic festival? i want garlic fries and whats at the union st fair??