Suhali silver and gold accessories ?

  1. Hi, will there be Suhali Silver and Gold accessories when the Silver and Gold is launched ???. Im really interested in a cles in either silver or gold.

  2. Good question... I too would LOOOOOOOOOOOVE a gold Suhali Cles!!! :drool:
  3. i totally agree. gold cles would be TDF!
  4. I think it's just lockits they are being released because it's the lockits anniversary
  5. Too bad, I would definitely try to get a metallic cles too!
  6. They will have an agenda as well. Not sure what size. I just put myself down for it! LOL
  7. ^ That's sweet, a gold Suhali agenda!!!
  8. Yeah super sexy! I love the suhali leather especially in GOLD!
  9. I remember the Le Fabuleaux LE gold and I kicked myself for passing up on that one?!?!
  10. OMG :yes: ME TOOO! That's why I am getting this for SURE! LOL
  11. Will you be getting a lockit or just accessories?