Suhali Lockit MM owners

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  1. Hi! I am thinking about purchasing a suhali lockit in Verone. The problem is, I cannot decide between the PM or MM. I currently own the black suhali pm and I love it! I would rather purchase the MM (the pm can be slightly small for my needs at times), but I am concerned it may be to big. For all of you who own the MM: do you think it is dressy enough, or does it look too bulky? I am about 5'4 110 lbs.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback. If any of you have modeling pictures with a Suhali Lockit MM I would greatly appreciate it if you would post them!
  2. I own the PM. I remember one of the ladies here (LVLux) owned the MM and could give you a great review. You should PM her and direct her to your thread.
  3. Thanks!!
  4. I thought it was too big, I sold mine.. let me see if I still have any pics on photobucket...

    PS I didnt like how it slouched over so much if it wasnt stuffed with something.
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    I am 5'8 145 lbs :shame:


  6. Heres Kim K carrying it... shows the size more..

  7. Thank you guys sooo much!! I definitely think I will go for the PM again!! Love the look of the pm, but thought a little extra room may help! I really appreciate the pics:smile:

  8. You're welcome! I know what you mean about wanting a LITTLE bit more room with the PM.. but the MM is a big step up, unfortunately.
  9. I prefer the PM, have one in verone and it is a lovely bag. Definately a classy looking bag to carry.
  10. Anybody else have this discontinued Suhali Lockit MM? I have several PMs. The MM would give me the room I need, but I think it might look too big. I am 5'3" 108 lbs.

  11. Hello! I am about your size and I personally thought the MM was too big on me. The pm was the perfect size for me (I'm 5'3, about 110lbs). HTH
  12. Hi, I wish I could help you, but I don't have this bag yet. I considered both the pm and mm, and finally decided on the pm in white and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I'm hoping that it is large enough for my needs. I did notice that Yoogi's Closet has both white and black in mm, "gently worn" condition, and they have a return policy if you're not happy with the purchase.
  13. Looks great on you!