Suhali Color & Name Reference

  1. Label Addict asked if I could make a Suhali color reference like the vernis and epi, so here it is!! I am not as familiar with suhali (as I can't afford it yet :crybaby:) so if I have left something out, please let me know!


    blanc = white and noir = black, elux lists them as both. I believe only the sienne & silver come with silver toned hardware, the rest with gold.

    and to quote deluxeduck ...

  2. oh, and I couldn't find a pic of the silver (I thought I had a le fab saved, but I couldn't find it!) so if someone has a picture, let me know so I can update the image.
  3. What a great reference! Thanks!!
    I'll let you know if I find a pic of the silver also..I know I've seen one recently..
  4. thank you that is once again FAB!! you rock
  5. wonderful info!
  6. You deserve the Talentueux and Fabuleux~ ;)

    Hopefully we can add bag pics of current and discontinued styles to this :biggrin:
  7. Here's a good shot of most of the colors...all the colors except black and blanc are discontinued. There may be a few geranium's and blue's still around but these colors are no longer produced. As far as the style's I know the L'Imprevisible is no longer made and I also believe this is true of the L'Affriolant (not 100% sure on this one)
  8. Here it is, the silver Le Fabuleux:yes:

  9. Anotherempty sky, thanks for the great reference. Can someone please help me locating the date code on a black suhali porte-tresor international wallet?
  10. Found the code, Lee helped me out in the authenticate thread..
  11. thanks!!! :yahoo: photo updated!
  12. Great reference. Thanks again for all your work!!
  13. Thanx anotheremptysky. I love your epi and vernis ones as well.
  14. I would loveee a silver Le Fab one day...once I am courageous to spend thousands on eBay for one!!
  15. thanks! I want a Suhali piece one day... just can't afford it now! that black is beautifuL!