suhali agenda in verone?

  1. does it exist? i love the color with the gold hardware :love: and may buy it if they do make it :biggrin:
  2. I was wondering the same but in new Le Catalogue suhali agenda doesn't exist...:cry:
  3. In the lookbook pages someone wonderful scanned (but I totally can't find the thread, sorry!), it has something called "agenda partenaire" in suhali for $410, to be released November 2007. Maybe they're making a new style of suhali agenda, which is why they're discontinuing the old one?
    nov 07.JPG
  4. ^^^ good point, don't know. i'd love it if they made it and would probably buy it to go with whatever verone bag i end up getting. i saw a sienne one today and it was beautiful ;) but it was all the 57th street store had. no white ones so i opted for something else.
  5. discontinue the old one? oh really???
    the pic is too small, can't really see it :S. But i wonder about that color too.

    However though, when I see verone in real life yesterday, the color is a little bit dead :p. I mean it's not a good purple I think...too light for a purple :S
  6. ^^^ it's a mid gray. and i think the silver hardware helps warm and liven it up.
  7. I'm interested to know what's the difference between the agendas now and the new partenaire ones...
  8. ^^^ i wonder now too since it is showing as $20 less than the current ones. and it says there is a monogram one too for $275...
  9. if there was, i wouldnt be able to get my amex out fast enough :graucho::roflmfao:
  10. I love the new verone color! I have heard that there should be an agenda in that color since they have made the other accessories.... don't know if it is true or not!