Suggestions on what to wear...

  1. I know this has been big this month...

    I have a Coach interview next Sunday. I am pretty excited!:yahoo: I am not sure what I should wear though.

    Should I wear a black suit with a white button up shirt?


    Should I wear black pants, a white button up shirt with a black sweater over it?

    I know both of these are within the dress code but I don't know which I should go for. I would love the suggestions.

    Also, I don't have any scarfs, is that bad?:sweatdrop:
  2. Im in the same boat as you! I have a Coach interview as soon as I get home from S.F. I was wondering the same thing. OY!
    By the way good luck to you!!
  3. ^^^Ditto! I am excited for both of us:yes:
  4. I would wear the black suit with the white top. Go buy a ponytail scarf, it couldnt hurt. This way it could be like a tie for the white button up.
  5. I would probably lean towards the black suit and the white button shirt... it looks more professional. Either outfit is fine though. When I was interviewed, I think I wore a skirt and a shirt, but the dress code wasn't as strict back then. It is so much fun working at Coach and don't worry about the scarf either... you'll get them when u are hired.

    GOOD LUCK!!! :roflmfao:
  6. I say wear the suit.

  7. I am partial to the sweater idea. But that is just me. It is classy and hot, but yet trendy (more trendy than a suit).

    If you get the job, let me know which location you work at and you can be my SA because I am from MN too! :smile:
  8. ^^^Hehe sounds good!;)
  9. I agree with the suit and if you could get a little scarf or perhaps some understated jewelry to add a splash of color, perfect. I think the more professional you look, the more confidence you'll have. Good luck!
  10. Do you guys think I need to get an actual Coach scarf or any would do? I figure since if I do get hired it seems a waste to get one now b/c I would get them once I'm hired. I have never been a scarf kinda gal and don't have any:crybaby:
  11. I have worked at Coach unti just recently (i moved cross country and haven't begun working there again yet). For the initial interview it's not important that you fit the dress code. Just wear your favourite professional looking outfit. Something that you feel really comfortable and confident in that really shows off your personality. As for the scarf issue, definitely don't go out and buy one. You are only allowed to wear the scarf of each season that they give you while working, so it would be pretty much pointless to go out and buy one (besides, after you get the job, you'll get a 50% discount, so what's the rush?)
  12. wear the suit with a fun, bright ponytail scarf (watercolor stripe or fragrance print) for a splash of color!

    eta: i know they give you one for each season that you're working, but if you already have one, wear it!
  13. I would wear the suit but skip the scarf - just wear some nice jewelry. The coach scarf just screams I am trying too hard.
  14. I think that whenever you go on an interview you should wear a suit. I say go without the scarf. Don't wear any or too much perfume and some understated jewelry, maybe earings and a ring. Also make sure to bring a bigger bag so that you can bring a pen and notebook and everything that you need for an interview. Just curious, if you work at Coach, do you get the discount at the outlet stores as well ? Good luck !
  15. I agree with the suit. It's always a plus when potential employees come in for an interview and look professional. There will be time to match the dress code later.