Suggestions for xmas gift for my boss

  1. Hey all,

    i am soliciting suggestions on what to buy for my boss? My boss is a male, 36 years old, have 5 kids..

    I can't buy anything cheap, since he is the VP of the company.. so i gotta think hard :idea:

    Please give me suggestions! Thank you everyone! :love:
  2. XBox 360 - if he doesn't want it one of his kids will.

    This might be kinda cheap - but a nice box of See's Chocolates makes pretty much everyone happy (except diabetics)
  3. Gift card to a nice restaurant in town? Maybe the Melting Pot fondue restaurant or something like that, so he and his wife can enjoy a nice evening out? Hmm, I'll keep thinking of ideas!
  4. cashmere sweater? macys has some nice ones for a good price
    around 80 i believe
  5. A giftcard is always a safe choice - but the amount you spent is printed right on it. That always turns me off if I'm buying it for someone I have a formal relationship with.
  6. I agree with Cristina's idea about the gift card to a restaurant. You can swing it both ways - a nicer place so that he and his wife can have a date night, or a family-oriented place so that he can bring his kids along.
  7. I like those down vests from The North Face or Pantagonia, they make nice gifts for men or anyone for that matter I think, great quality, not expensive
  8. Inquiring minds want to know: What did you end up getting the boss, Superbaby?
  9. It's Xmas eve so I'm a little late to this thread - but a man always loves a very upscale umbrella - he would never buy for himself but loves to have - I got a Romero Britto for my BF (easier in Miami) He will love it!!