suggestions for a summer wallet!

  1. Now that I have a pomme french purse, I realized that soon the heat and humidity will be on upon us, and I don't want to ruin it, so what do I switch it with? Thanks! :heart:
  2. My suggetion:
    White MC Cozy Purse
  3. MC PTI in Black, Azur Zippy
  4. Something in Azur, white MC, or Mini Lin Dune :love:
  5. Definitely Azur or white MC.
  6. Azur!
  7. Mini Lin Dune or Azur would be really cool for the summer.
  8. Azur Koala wallet.
  9. i agree!
  10. Since your looking for a "summer" wallet, I would get something in White MC or Damier Azur. :yes:
  11. I have the same problem. I own a pomme koala and I think for summer I'm going to get an Azur french purse. Maybe since you have pomme fp, you should get Azur koala! :nuts:
  12. I have the azur koala and it's a gorgeous wallet... (see my avatar) love it!
  13. i vote for the azur koala!
  14. azur something..
  15. The azur koala is so pretty!