Suggestions for a Signature Necklace

  1. I want to buy a signature necklace, something not too fancy, that I can wear everyday.
    I like white gold (since my ER is white gold) but wouldn't mind something two-tone.
    My budget is around $200.
    Any suggestions?
  2. i'm sorry but i have to ask, what is a signature necklace? then i'd be able to help you if i know, thanks :smile:
  3. Oh! Sorry that I didn't already explain!
    It might just be my lingo here, but when I say "signature" necklace, I mean like a signature piece, a piece that I wear everyday.
    Signature meaning it represents you b/c it's like a trademark for you.
    Does that make sense?
  4. Well, since you've said it's like a trademark of yourself, it would be hard for anyone to give suggestions on this forum (unless they knew you really well!) :smile: Why don't you ask your best friends? Or tell us a bit about you and someone might come up with something? :smile: Like, what are your obsessions (apart from handbags maybe!! :roflmfao: ), likes, dreams? Or maybe it could symbolise something/someone important to you? Btw, get white gold, my EG is white gold too, I love it!
  5. Why don't you try one of David Yurman's cookie necklaces. I have one, and they're very simple, yet elegant. I believe they are around $300 USD. I can post a pic of mine if you think it may help on making your decision!:yes:
  6. Japster is wonderful - and I love her new website design. She does amazing things with gold.

    I work in fine and sterling silver. I have one necklace that I made and wear almost every day... simple fine silver links. Can be worn twice around for a short choker or long 36 inches. Love it! :smile:

    What about these...

    Amy Peters makes amazing and cool pieces too...

    Good luck!