suggestions for a good lip plumper?

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  1. what have you tried and tested?
  2. I like Too Faced Extreme Lip Injection. It burns, but it works!
  3. hmmm...don't think ANY of them work, they all just make my lips tingly!
  4. i tried du wop lip venom - nothing happened but my lips did tingle
  5. I have tried both of the above and also City Lips, the original clear formula. They have all worked for me, but besides plumping my lips, they make my lips really red. I think I liked City Lips the best. I actually look really dumb when I use these products. I don't think everyone was meant to have huge lips LOL. I have since come to the conclusion that my lips are exactly the right size for my face. Good luck though!
  6. Lip Fusion is the best, it has micro collegen in it or something. I have tried them all. It doesn't sting like others. Also the one by Freeze 24/7 Ice Lip Plump. I think the ones that sting is all they do is sting. I will take pics tomorrow of before and after of the Lip Fusion and post them.
  7. ^^thanks!
  8. personally I don't recommend lip fusion, it hasn't worked a bit for me but it seems like it does because it makes your lips tingle....tick tock, here's me expecting at least half of Jolie's lips and they're still my old lips :p
    lip fusion did not seem to work for most of my friends, but there are very few who claim it worked
  9. The one from prescriptives has worked great on me...but it does tingle and have given it up b/c its just a weird feeling to have.....
  10. DuWop lip venom. Stings a little because of the cinnamon. It's pretty cheap, about $16 at Sephora and it works well.

    I also tried Urban decay Big Fatty Lip Plumper. It's not as good as the Lip Venom because it only lasts for a few hours then you have to reapply. This is around the same price as the Lip Venom. I think it was $18 at Sephora.
  11. i gotta try some of these
  12. 2nd! this is the one i always go back to! :yes:
  13. I really like the Lipfusion too, as long as you know that these all will be subtle! For a gloss, the Laura Mercier plumping bgloss has pretty colors, dosen't sting, and isn't sticky.
  14. Pout. i swear by it. I've tried numerous types and this is the only one that doesn't burn or tingle. :yes:
  15. me too! I guess it depends on a persons personal chemistry like anything else. Not everything is going to work for everyone. I've tried them all and I have to say I just picked up the new Sally Hansen's Lip Inflation and it is the only one that seems to really work for me and it is the cheapest product yet!