suggestions for a Chic Laptop bag

  1. I need to replace my Luco tote for another work bag. It's been a great bag but I am so tired of it!
    Does anyone have a suggestion for a chic bag that would easily carry a laptop and some files. It would be great if it was easy to get into and out of, light weight, durable and has a shoulder strap that would easily go over a jacket of coat.
    If you have pix that would be great to post as well! Thanks!
  2. My Evelyne GM has been very patient in carrying my laptop. So I could imagine that an Evelyne TGM might suit your requirements. Would that be an option? Other than that I think the Valparaiso is a great laptop bag but it doesn't have the shoulder strap.
  3. if u want a chic and affordable on Juicy has some cute ones too and they are durable!!=)but they're just not hermes tho...hihiihi
  4. I like the Balenciaga Work, really light for its size and comes in a lot of fun colors.
  5. There's a new canvas tote. It can definitely fit your laptop and some files. Check it out at your local H store.
  6. ^^ Peko, what's that great-looking bag in your avatar??

    I love my Whitebus as a briefcase/laptop tote, but it doesn' t have a shoulder strap.
  7. The name of the new canvas tote is Sac Troca.

    Thanks Funnyredhead. It is a Berlingot in gold swift. You can wear it as a shoulder bag or across your body. It's a gift for mom!
  8. It doesn't have a shoulder-strap but I like the "Whitebus" as an attache/laptop case. I think it should hold everything................
  9. Non-H, but I love these...

    ACME MADE * The Designer Slim

    If I used an H bag for my laptop I'd want to use a padded envelope of some sort (to protect the laptop AND the H bag).
  10. ^^^Thanks beaumonde! I need one of those.