Suggestion needed!!

  1. So I'm out of ideas... My brother often complains that he has many small stuffs - car keys, wallet, cell, etc - that makes his pockets look very bulky. So I wonder if there's any small case for such purpose for men, without making him feel like holding a woman's purse? ;) Many thanks in advance!!
  2. What about the Bosphore or something else messenger style?
  3. wapity :smile:
  4. how old is your brother? does he dress casually? suits?
  5. How about:

    . Damier Olav PM
    . Damier Bum Bag Melville
    . Damier Pochette Melville
    . Geronimos
    . Damier Geant Citadin
    . Taiga Dimitri
    . one of the Bosphore bags
    . Okapi GM ( if he wants a small case )

    I personally like the Olav PM the best!
  6. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I know this is THE place to ask for advice!!!
    Kcookejr, I like this myself immediately! Very practical and easy going! :p

    Bacchusgirl - thanks for asking, he dress quite casual at work - casual shirts with jeans mostly.

    I'm thinking something small to hold in hand, like the Trousse Ivan: Haven't seen the real one yet - how do you think about it?
  7. Oh forgot to say, he's in his early 30s
  8. what about damier macao
    Untitled - 2.jpg
  9. Taiga Dimitri looks very nice :smile:

  10. Second that!