suggest some great MESSENGER strap bags!

  1. okay i'm expecting to have my hands full very soon.... i still love my bbags and paddies, but may have to concede to other more carryable bags?

    let's get a list going for me please.. of lovely bags, smallish or roomy (pref), that can be slung and worn across the body?
    or, bags for which a long body strap can be added/purchased..

    and maybe not in lv monogram canvas

  2. i love my prada nylon and dior messenger bags.. they are so roomy...
  3. I use a Prada for school and it's great. :amuse:
    pradabagfront.jpg pradabaginside.jpg pics-010.jpg
  4. With two little ones, I would love one, too. I have a LeSportsac (deluxe everyday) in a cute print that I use for outings with the kids. I'm debating the M by MJ Dylan at NM, but I'm not sure it's big enough. Can't you attach a longer strap to your bbag?
  5. ^if only balenciaga made one to match...
    otherwise, yeah, i could rig up a chain extender in matching hardware, but it'd be cool to have other options before that.. plus, the bbag First is still quite small

    thanks ladies! keep the suggestions coming!
  6. jasmb.jpg
  7. I have got two small Chanel messengers :love: (pics) and NM has some great messengers in the men's section.
    chanel2.jpg chanel7.jpg
  8. What about a large LV Musette? I've seen some moms with those.
  9. Here's the Kooba Annie Messenger Bag. Big and roomy but stylish too. Comes in black or brown at NM for 625. There may be some on sale elsewhere.
    View attachment 86303
  10. Grechen, our local newspaper just featured an article where Kim Robinson (well-known in Asia as a hairstylist) carries a Jas MB bag. :smile: It looks great!