Suggest alternative to Olav PM

  1. Hi~ Im wondering whether to buy a new condition Olav PM for half retail price. It has been on my practical to buy list for a while. (something that can hold a small water bottle and with thick straps to sling across the body) however bf's comments about it being just a cube has left me looking and wondering if it is a bit too "manly" :confused1: So confused now, as the other thick strap bags are either big in size, or the smaller ones have thin straps which wouldnt be comfy for heavy water :shrugs: Any suggestions? or is Olav PM still the best buy?
  2. What else do you plan on carry in this bag you are looking to buy? just a water bottle or other things like a wallet, keys, make-up etc.?
  3. yes just small 250ml water, thin wallet, car keys...i dont carry any make up around :smile:
  4. What about the Bosphore messenger PM? Or did you want to stick with damier?
  5. hey! thats actually not a bad choice :smile: prefer damier thou! thanks for advice :smile: i think i'll get the olav for now since its cheap and mebe get another one later :yes: thanks!