suede bottega veneta?

  1. Looks vey yummy! lol
  2. With such a low price, are you sure it's not a fake? I recall BV bags as being VERY expensive.
  3. theres a reserve price and i have no idea what it is. i know someone else on this forum who has bought from her and highly recommends her. who knows though? if its fake, its still awfully pretty!
  4. Gorgeous, I love how the suede makes it look so much softer.
  5. yes, it looks sooo soft.....but i don't particularly like the colours!!!!
  6. Their BIN price is $350? Their small pochettes are retailing at $650. It's probably a fake.
  7. true...i didn't notice that for some reason... that sucks...i think theyr'e so pretty.