suede anyone?

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  1. According to French75, there will be suede balenciaga bags coming out for winter. (Thanks French75 for the news btw) :biggrin: I remembered they had some a few years back? but I was just wondering, do they retain their value like the leather ones? or they tend to considered less valuable? :biggrin:

    P.S: im not trying to sell bags or anything, i'm just wondering if its a good investment :P ;)
  2. ^I have two suede Balenciagas that you can see in my collection. It's in the Bag Showcase Section.........under the thread Tillie46's Addiction. I think they're beautiful!
  3. I just posted pictures of suede Balenciagas in the thread..........Next Winter's Season Colors.........2010
  4. I have a suede CP that is wonderful and has held up with daily use! Still looks new!
  5. ^^Don't plan on ever selling so don't really care if it holds it's value!