Substitutes for wine, sherry etc in recipes?

  1. My DH prefers not to eat anything that is cooked with wine or other alcoholic beverages even though I am pretty sure the alcohol "cooks off", so does anyone know what could be substituted without sacrificing flavor? TIA!
  2. Non-alcoholic wine.

    It tastes sort of flat if you drink it, but I bet it would be fine for cooking.
  3. Most(if not all) of the time the alcohol "cooks off" as you say and is in such tiny amounts it doesn't even matter. Your DH will be fine. BTW I cook recipes for the familia (w/kids under 13) that call for 1/4 cup cooking wine and no one even knows. :yes: Other times I sub it out b/c too lazy to go to store. Don't sweat this stuff!!!

    You can leave it out also and I don't think it should be a problem. :smile:
  4. I used to make Harvey Wallbanger cakes and two of the ingredients were vodka and galliano.

    My parents were fine with me baking the cake (and then later having a slice) because the alcohol cooks off.
  5. It's a tough one. Yes, you can buy non alcoholic wine. If that's not your choice, you can use chicken/beef broth. Or grape juice mixed with touch of wine/cider vinegar would be good. Lemon Juice will be good also.

    Why does he prefer not to have food prepared with wine?
  6. I don't drink alcohol either so when I substitute it for different recipes I find that white grape juice is a good substitute or regular grape juice.
  7. High quality apple juice can work great.

    White or red grape juice can be a good substitute, too. They are thick so you may need to thin with water.
  8. buy cooking wine. You can get it at the grocery. William Sonoma usually has an entire wall of cooking wines at their stores.
  9. the alcohol completely evaporates.
  10. the alcohol that is left behind is a very small trace amount. remember to always use a wine that you would drink yourself bc the flavor concentrates. chicken broth works reallly really well in place of white wine, as does lemon juice. if you buy cooking wine, make sure its very very high quality.