Submitting Best Offers on Ebay

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  1. sorry, i tried searching for threads on this topic but found none:sad:

    please help-
    i'm very interested in an LV bag on eBay and i want to submit an offer on it.
    seller states the item is in a "new" condition (i see no patina at all) except for the fact that the only imperfections she took pics of are slight water marks on the strap and handles (which are hardly noticeable) and a few stray ink/pen marks on the inside on the interior pocket.

    the bag is already at a BIN of almost $300 under retail (the item is approx. $2000 w/tax). but how much should i offer (taking into consideration the imperfections on a new bag) w/out sounding i'm trying to low-ball her? i'm thinking of taking off another few hundred? or is that unreasonable?

    any help is greatly appreciated!:smile:
  2. I would say start with another $300 under the BIN price (you need to think about what is the most you would pay for the item--with shipping-- and go from there)...and if the seller accepts it, then great. If they reject it, no harm done--you can always make another offer a little bit higher.
  3. ^thank you so much for your help. i was actually thinking about another $200-300 under her listed BIN too ;) but just wanted to make sure it didn't sound unreasonable if i did that:smile:
    thanks so much, again-you're an absolute "qtpie"!!!!!:p
  4. It always kills me when a sellers says something is new but there are water marks and ink stains. HELLO! Its NOT new then is it?

    If I used a bag and it was perfect with no stains or marks I would sell it as new, but with imperfections like that its not new.

    :shrugs: :confused1: :nuts:
  5. yes, it pains me too that she stated "new", (and in the title too, no less!) when there are obvious signs of usage even though she added in the description "rarely used" too. i've brought the conflicting description to her attention so let's hope she'll negotiate this item accordingly:sweatdrop: thanks for your help, sweetie!
  6. Well what is the verdict?
  7. DS, just waiting for a reply back from the seller:sweatdrop:
  8. yea, just be honest. you know not to low ball them. what would YOU sell that piece for?
  9. All she can say is no, but it's worth a try, and then you can work out whatever price you are prepared to pay up to.
  10. ITA