Stylist messes up a special occassion hair-do... advice?

  1. Hi ladies,

    If you go into a fairly high-end end salon to get your hair styled for an evening event (let's say you also bring in lots of photos from him to copy from) and you end up hating the outcome, what to do? Do you say something? Refuse to pay? Ask him to start all over? :sad:

  2. This has happened to me before. I asked my stylist to start over. If I'm paying a lot of money for it then it better be to my liking. Don't worry, I gave him a very generous tip :biggrin:
  3. for me....i feel too guilty, so i dont really say anything and try to fix it after...butif you TRULY can't stand it, ask him to redo it.
  4. Geez, I just read my post and I sounded like a total b**ch :shame: I really am a nice person. :yes:
  5. that happened to my friend before a winter formal back in high school and she was so sad, so i brought over a curling iron and tried to salvage it lol. i say if it's your hair and your event then its your choice on exactly how you want it too look.
  6. I didn't think you sounded like a b:censor: h, Pursegalsf! At least you tipped well in the end! :amuse: When I was a hairstylist/makeup artist one of my specialities was updos or special event hairstyling, so I did alot of weddings, proms, opening nights, etc. One of THE most important thing is to LISTEN to the client and always ask the client questions, never assume. If you do enough of these (updos) you could read the clients faces easily and see that they are not happy with the style! Not every hairstylist do updos and if they do them, make sure they have done them alot!'s almost like a natural talent, a very creative mind is key! In the salon I use to work at, out of the 8 stylists only 2 of us did updos! They're very stressful to do, because the client is usually anxious and very tense, which is understandable, they want to look their best on that special day. Definitely, tell the stylist to do it over if you are not happy, otherwise it will ruin your special event and you'll have memories of it in pictures too! A good stylist would never let you leave until you are happy and satisfied!
  7. I don't think you sounded like a B pursegalsf. You sounded very reasonable. When I was about 14 I had a hideous, revolting hairdo (anyone seen pictures of the old British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? yeap, I was her double I swear!) I was devestated because I'd taken lots of pictures & had taken the time & effort to come in for a consultation days before to make sure what I wanted was possible & more importantly that it would suit me. Everything went fine, except on the day it all was hideous, clearly the stylist either didn't have full use of her arms or was suffering from some temporary blindness cos what I came out looking like was nothing like we'd discussed! Even the other stylists were looking at me oddly & asking if it was what I wanted & if I liked it, but being so young I was far too nervous to complain. I went straight home & cried my eyes out & spent hours dragging wet combs through my hair in an attempt to make it less hideous.

    Now when I go to the hairdressers, I pay attention to exactly what they are doing & am constantly asking them questions & commenting on their work, it probably drives them loopy, but I'm paying for a service & I expect it to be what I want it to be. I always give a big tip if I like what they've done, but if I think its just ok, then I'll tell them & see if theres something more they can do, if they aren't willing to do any more, or make any changes then I don't tip at all.
  8. Ask them to redo it. If they say no, you have to pay, but don't tip. If you don't pay, all they're going to do is call the police while you're causing a scene. But make sure you put up enough of a fit for them to want to get you out of there without calling the police.
  9. FYI, :amuse: in all my years in the salon, we've never called the police and if we did, there is nothing they can do. If someone doesn' like their haircut, hairstyle, updo, etc...the unwritten policy is the client doesn't have to pay for it....of course you won't be welcomed back! So, a good/smart stylist will do their utmost best to make sure you are satisfied, not only to get paid...but to get a decent tip too!
  10. Thanks for your opinions, guys, especially you, pursemama!

    I asked a stylist to trim my hair a little more (I just had a blunt straight-across cut) and he seemed so huffy doing it that I've never had the courage to ask for a re-do of anything ever again!
  11. before or after I stab him with the scissors?

    I tend to "back seat" haircut when getting my hair done. If something looks like it's going terribly wrong, I say something then and there. Fortunately, I've finally found two stylists that know exactly what I like and how to do it. I make sure they stay happy tip-wise too!
  12. One time in HS I had it redone. Because I went home, cried, and my mom called them and made them redo it... we didn't have to pay for two appointments, just paid the original fee, plus normal tip and i never went back to her!
  13. As a stylist I always wanted the opportunity to fix what my client was unhappy with. Our statistics are only 1 in 10 will complain-the other nine will go somewhere else. We want to keep the client.:yes:
  14. if you're paying for the service, and you're not getting what you're paying for, then you have every right to ask them to change it, particularly if you've made a good faith effort to let them know what you were looking for. any stylist with a measure of professionalism (or any experience) will be happy to do it for you. just make sure you're nice and tip well, and i'm sure they won't be mad about it.
  15. I am way too scared to say anything to stand up with I get a bad cut or not what I want, but you are more than justified to as the client. You are paying for a service that you asked for and if you do not get it, then you deserve to get it no matter what! that being said I also need to grow some balls :roflmfao: