Stylish H shoulder-bags!

  1. Hi ladies,
    today i had to carry plenty of documents around the city(office-banks-lawyer-etc)plus did some shopping errands and i just figured out i cant do all those things with my HAC!!!!It became too heavy plus i cant have several bags in 1 hand ,the other had to be free to hold my mobile while talking...:confused1:

    Since it seems very difficult to score a Gao bag here in spain i am just wondering what other style of shoulder-bags Hermes makes?
    i need it for work which means i have to put my big Globetrotter,Dogon,make-up case,2 cells,keys,sunglasses and a GM Ulysee notebook into.
    I mostly wear smart-casual or suit...

    Any suggestions???
  2. A Kelly?

    ...or Bolide?
  3. What about one of the large Trims?
    Be aware that in a heavy leather like Clemence, the bag will be heavy, even empty.
  4. Massai?
  5. Sac Etriviere. It's briefcase style, but with a shoulder strap.
  6. I think a larger Trim would be great :smile:
  7. A Herbag. Or one of the large trims.
  8. Or a Lindy!!!
  9. Why not an Evelyne? There is plenty of room for all that. And with being able to use it as a messenger, you have total freedom. Today I had to carry my coffee cup and large tote in to the office plus open the door with my key. It was so great having the Evelyne that I could throw on messenger style. It makes life so easy, so often!
  10. Even a Cabana/Kabana(not sure of correct spelling). It features light comfortable straps and is boxy for comfortably fitting things in. One downside is that it does not have a zipper, just a cinch that you pull and tie close.
  11. There's a brown clemence tourillon gao up on US eBay right now 280082725870. I have purchased a scarf from this seller and have had good communications. She has recently reduced this bag as it didn't sell the last time around (I considered it but bought two trims instead ;). )

    It might work for you, might not; fyi.
  12. I think a Trim or an Evelyne in a larger size would do the trick - I think you would like the Evelyne better simply because, as Kallie Girl mentions, you can use it as a messenger - the Trim will always "tuck" under your arm.

    Let us know what you decide!
  13. A Trim 35cm gets my vote!
  14. for the sake of your posture, i would advise an average-sized shoulder bag and a very lightweight tote (longchamp perhaps) for bulkier items that you might not need to lug around for lunch or on weekends, when you can carry just the shoulder bag solo.
    otherwise, i would say a bolide, also for the sake of your posture because you can alternate between carrying it in your hand and using the shoulder strap.
  15. thanks everyone for the great ideas!
    the best would be i think the evelyne but i am afraid it looks strange with a suit???