Stylish bags for work under $1,000

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  1. I'm hoping ppl can help me with some suggestions..

    I'm looking for a bag I can take to work (i have a boring office job) - something simple and stylish and not likely to go out of fashion for under $1,000..

    I already have a LV speedy 30 and a balenciaga work bag..

    I have been thinking about gucci abbey bag but would really like some other suggestions!

    Thanks heaps in advance!
  2. Hi. There are a lot of threads on this -- so do a search -- but I always love the chance to talk about this.

    What do you need to carry in the bag--files, laptop, water bottle, etc.?

  3. I did try a search first but couldn't find anything - probably coz I didn't put the right words in..

    anyways, its going to fit my wallet, ipod, agenda, small makeup bag..i think that's about it.. but I'm quite tall so prefer nothing too small..

  4. I use my "Love Me" from Belen Echandia for work and this is my absolutely favourite bag at the moment. The interior design is perfect for work as it has a pocket for a cell phone, one for a PDA, one big zppied pocket in the middle which divides the bag and another one on the side.
    Here are some pics for you so you can see what I mean and the homepage/onlineshop:
    Belen 010.jpg Belen 009.jpg Belen 008.jpg Belen 005.jpg
  5. Coach has many stylish bags for work generally well under a thousand. Furla too, on
  6. I bought a large coach ergo magazine tote in black. It is perfect for work and I can even slide my laptop in if I need to. I got it during PCE but I belive it retails for 495.00. I also bought a Francesco Biasio Hip Collet Tote. Zappos has them and its perfect for what you have described and is also around 500.00
    check them out
  7. Mulberry bayswater?
  8. Hi,

    Here are some suggestions:

    Furla's Frida works well.

    Many of the Maxx New York satchels or totes (the Uganda Tote is amazing for work).

    Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather utility tote is excellent for carrying everythign you could possibly need, including a laptop.

    Hobo International's Margaret Dome Satchel is also a great choice for a work bag.

    Gorgeous Kooba metallic bag that would work well for work -

    Cute Kooba patent tote (not sure of exact size though):

    I also like Mon Sac bags. The bags are excellent quality with beautiful leather. I especially like this bag - Heron Horizontal Tote:

    As well as this one -- Vertical Tote (comes in many colors):

    Kind of fun - Amaganset Tote:

    Corondo Vertical Tote:

  9. Try for something modern, different and stylish well within your budget.
  10. Well, that is most of the bags in my collection, LOL! i rarely break the 1k mark. I don't need a tote for work on a regular basis, but I do have a few.

    My favorites for work:
    Coach Gigi (tote)
    LV Batignolles Horizontal (great for documents)
    LV Cabas Piano (medium size shoulder bag)
    LV Saleya PM (handheld zip top) the Damier canvas too