Styling products to bring out the wave in your hair?

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  1. My hair is wavy, but it's really wavy when I use products on it. I'd love to hear what works for other wavy haired girls!

  2. My favorite is Frederic Fekkai Luscious Curls - the cream and the wave spray.
  3. I use either a mousse, a leave in conditioner, and sometimes styling wax for my ends. When I put just mousse in it it seems to be the curliest though :yes:
  4. Any specific brand or product. I know mousse - but which ones are working for people? Or maybe volume sprays?
  5. I love Fekkai Wave Creating Spray!
  6. I have said this before! but Trevor Sorbie Curl Cream is great on my wavy hair. you dont have to blow dry and you get no frizz. you put it on wet and scrunch scrunch scrunch your hair and then leave it - gives you mermaid hair if youve got really wavy hair and enhances ringlets if thats what youve got too. im really pleased with it and am on my 2nd bottle :0)

    I believe that the Tigi Curls Rock cream stuff is very similar
  7. Have you ever tried doing the "curly girl method?" Curly girl method involves not using products that contain harsh sulfates or silicones. There's two techniques that also seem to help bring out the wave in my hair - plopping and diffusing.
  8. I like the cream too. Matrix Curl Life is okay too, but kind of crunchy. I just hate the feeling of stuff in my hair though and am overly picky.
  9. I really like Dove Curl & Sculpt mousse. My hair is only slightly wavy, but it really brings it out without making my hair crunchy or dry.
  10. I've found that using the Fekkai system, my hair is actually better on Day 2 - not stiff at all, just wavy and bouncy. Love it!
  11. i just put a bit of biosilk....makes my hair non frizzy n super curly n softttttt not crunchy like mouse or gel!
  12. I've used matrix amplify products to bring out the natural wave in my hair.
  13. I use Biosilk Silk Therapy and Aussie Anti-Frizz Hair Gel. :yes:
  14. Paul Mitchell Round Trip
  15. I have wavy hair and my hairdresser fixed it extra wavy last time. He used Pureology Pure volume on my hair and then used a diffuser on it. It was crazy how well it worked