Stylefly's Humble but Happy Bag Collection

  1. ....which is always in a state of constant flux, so this is as of June 17/07:smile:.
    First, the group shot:
    Balenciagas (clockwise '05 Caramel Work, '04 Pumpkin First, '06 Rouge Vif, '05 Caramel Day, '07 Aquamarine, '06 Blue India coin purse, '02 1st season Flat Brass First, and in the middle '04 Black City):
    LV (clockwise Keepall 55, Black MC Speedy, Cerises Speedy, Mandarin Epi Multicles, Framboise Vernis MM agenda, Black MC Cles, White MC Wapity, White MC Pochette Access.):
    "Other" (Chloe Grenat Baby Paddy, Gerard Darel k. Brown aka Charlotte, Bulga Safari Yellow Medium Tote)

    Thanks for looking! I've never posted my collection before;)
  2. Love your BBags and you have the perfect LV collection too!
  3. wowee......nice collection!
  4. Love your LV's and Paddy!!! Great Collection!!
  5. Gorgeous collection!!
  6. You have great taste, stylefly! Gorgeous collection!
  7. awesome collection, loving the bbags...colours vibrant.
  8. DROOL!!!!!! Humble?? Girl, that's not humble!!

    I LOVE ALL of your LVs!!!

    thanks for posting!
  9. Fabulous stuff!
  10. Fabulous collection! LOVE LOVE LOVE all the wonderful colors of your Bbags!
  11. Love it!! You have so much that I want!
  12. Really nice collection - love the BBags.

    I can't believe this is the first time we get to see your collection!
  13. I love everything!
  14. you have a terrific collection.
  15. Gorgeous collection ... especially love your Bbag family!