Styledrops' payment Help please I'm waiting at the checkout!

  1. I know styledrops is legit but I have two questions.

    - Is and the same thing? Or is the latter a scam?

    - I'm at the checkout page for and it takes me to their outside secure server which is at I just wanted to make sure this is the correct redirection
    or if its a scam thing.

    Anyone who order from styledrops know the answers?:confused1:
  2. Ok I'm not at the checkout anymore. I went ahead and tried it. I tried paying with my Washington mutual credit card and it did the whole wamu secure shopping thing. Everything checked out except the amount was 1066 euros, and its supposed to be much less since my order total was around 1342. Finally it took me to a styledrops page saying my credit card wasn't accepted. I have enough for 1342 but not 1066 euros which is why they could have blocked it...but why was it 1066 euros??? Now I can't even log into my wamu and have to call them. UGH...