Styledrops experience

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  1. SUCKED!!!! I received the Gucci bag only after an Email saying that they did not have it the day it was to arrive. I get an email a few days later saying the do indeed have one now so I said HOORAH. It comes and its not even close to the color posted on the website. SO I read the return policy, which is like a book and wonder hmmmm perhaps I should just try to sell it. SO I post it luck. Today I spent 40 MINUTES in UPS with the clerk working on following all the rules to send it back properly as if you miss one refund. I had to call them AGAIN (the customer service is in Italy so you must call before 1pm) 10 minutes before cut off time we reach someone...okay then the good part. $150.00 to send the damn thing back PLUS a 10% restock fee. Please make sure you love what you order from was a big fat HASSLE.
  2. was it a lot to shop from styledrops to you? i was thinking of ordering from them but didn't know of the shipping charge.
  3. OMG!!! $150 to send it back PLUS a restocking fee??? That is absolutely crazy! I would have just been tempted to keep the bag at that rate (which is what they probably want!)

    I'm sorry the bag didn't turn out to be what you expected :sad2: It did look completely white in the styledrop pictures and then the ones you posted in the marketplace were definitely beige.
  4. Does styledrop sell authentic stuff? I was going to order maybe not...
  5. For sure authentic...but I should have gone to Gucci or Neimans etc...much more cost effective. They do have great merchandise and I think if you were going to keep it FOR sure its a great place.
  6. Yeah...I hate stores with bad return policy...I think maybe you should just keep it or sell it instead. $150 return is not worth it I think.
  7. I thought that on certain brands their prices were supposed to be higher?
  8. well its gone now...$150 poorer and a bit wiser in my handbag purchasing addiction
  9. what bag was it?
  10. I'm glad you posted this. The customer service in Italy is enough to keep my away. It's just not enough of a discount to be worth it. The bag I'm looking at retails for $1200 + tax but on Styledrops is $1161 + shipping.

    Not worth it.
  11. Oh that's harsh! I'm sorry you had to go through that!!
  12. What a hassle and costly too! So soory you had that experience and expense, Sunshine.
  13. I'm really sorry to hear about your terrible experience with Styledrops!!! I've shopped there before (4 pairs of shoes) and fortunately, had a very good experience.

    I understand their merchandise is authentic...and the shoes I got definitely seemed to be the real deal.
  14. yeah sorry to hear about that horrible experience....
  15. Not motivated to purchase from overseas at all as you may get hit with custom fees. I believe around 20%.