Style ADVICE please! Pink Cambon flats????

  1. Hello ladies! I desperately need your advice. I purchased 3 pairs of Cambon flats and have no problem wearing the white and black ones....but the pink ones???? How can I wear it without looking soo pinky? They have the black "CC" in the front, but I dont want to wear head to toe pink and black. Please ladies help me out! I have'nt even used them yet. My style is pretty much open. I've got clothing of every kind so please tell me how you would wear yours. I have a pink & black chanel tweed jacket, would that look too matchy matchy?

    THANKS SO MUCH!:heart:
  2. Well, I think those gorgeous pink flats will look good with anything, but if you would like examples, jeans, capries, a short skirt.

    It's always good to add a little flash if your clothes that day are a little too monotone and pink is very lovely with chocolate brown.

    I think your jacket with the flats will be fabulous. Congrats!!!:tup:
  3. Black leggings with a semi-pink babydoll top, make sure the pink in the top is the same as the flats...and uh oh yeah, chanel black bag.
  4. Any combination of white, black, or denim would be hot. I don't think you even need to match anything in your outfit to match the pink of the flats.
  5. Where did you find the cambon flats???
  6. i think it'll look great with your pink & blk tweed blazer...would love to see a pic of you wearing them with your flats. thanks.