Sturdy Nylon Bag Decision: Down to Three Choices! Help me decide?

  1. Thanks for all your suggestions. I've finally narrowed it down to three choices:
    Beatrice Shoulder bag (two kinds) by MZ Wallace or Prada Chevron Nylon Quilted Tote?

    Photos follow below. Thanks for all your help! :smile:

    Beatrice Gunmetal

    Beatrice Tangiers (Laminated Linen)

    Prada Nylon Tote

  2. I like the Prada:flowers:
  3. i like the prada the most because i always choose tote bag above any other style :p
  4. I also like the Prada...I like the style a lot more than the just looks more expensive to me :smile:
  5. The Prada looks a little boring compared to the other two...
  6. I like the gunmetal beatrice. Pretty style.
  7. loooooooove the prada
  8. I prefer the gunmetal beatrice.
  9. I like the Prada as well. The tote style is cute.
  10. I definitely prefer the second one! So pretty!
  11. Love the Bea's but do they fit comfortably on the shoulder, or maybe that doesn't matter. If so, go with Prada!
  12. Would you be able to touch and try these bags out IRL before you purchase them? I agree with misslola to feel if the shoulder strap on the Bea rests on your shoulder comfortably.

    Other than that, I vote for the Bea in gunmetal. It knocked the breath out of me when I first saw it. :nuts:
  13. I like the Prada tote the best!
  14. I love the top one in gunmetal. Hard to believe it is nylon! Gorgeous!

    I saw the Prada one in chocolate at Neiman's; it looks like one of those puffy ski jackets IRL. To me, it is not cute!
  15. Definitely the Prada!