Stupid Question--But does anyone stuff their spy bag?

  1. I noticed that after you take all the stuffing out of the spy bag it sort of looks deflated. :oh:

    I like the puffy round look but i don't think i could recreate it by just putting regular things in it. It still seems flat

    Does anyone stuff their spy to give it the "puffy" look or have any other ideas.

    Also I would love to see someone carrying their spy with just regular stuff in it. Not the paper that it comes with.
  2. I keep the stuffing that the bags come with. When I'm using the bag I place the stuffing in the dustbag. I think it keeps the new bag scent. Call me corny but I like that scent. :P
  3. I stuff all my bags and then place them in the dust bag in my closet when I am not using them.
  4. What I was meaning to ask is do you stuff your bag WHILE you are carrying it in order to keep the puffy look.
  5. i stuff my spy with the original stuffing when i am not using it and i also put it back into its dust bag. however sometimes if i only have 1 or 2 things,my bag looks totally deflated so i sometimes stuff my dust cover in it..hahaha...i know its corny but yea...i have done that once or twice..hehe
  6. I like the puffy round look too, so I throw a light cardigan or sweater in the bag to fill it out a bit - lol!
  7. That's the best way to get it puffy, I always carry a pashmina or cardigan to fill it out too!
  8. For some reason, my spy looks puffy all the time even if there's nothing in it. I have the floral one so maybe that has something to do w/ it?

    Off the topic, I stuff all my bags w/ bubble wrap so they stay in the same shape until I use it again. Sometimes when I buy bags, they take all the stuffing out... And to get the same paper to stuff it again is a pain!!!!! So now I use bubble wrap. Like Janice, I also put the stuffing in the dustbag when i use any bag.
  9. That's why I like my Wisteria/floral SPY. The flowers give it a puffy look.:lol:
  10. I usually carry way way way too much in my spy anyways, so it's always bursting at the seams and lookin puffy :biggrin:

    In my Spy = sunglasses and case, emergency Chanel ballet flats in dustbag (in case my heel breaks), cell phone, wallet, cosmetics bag, stationary bag, Entertainment value book/brick, umbrella in nylon case, "rainjacket" for the Spy in case we get caught in the rain, and a light cardigan in case it gets chilly

    ;) I guess you could say its the PERFECT bag for me to fend off my paranoia , hahahhahahaha. I carry my world around in it

  11. ohhh weee. That's a lot of stuff in there. It doesnt ruin the shape by putting heavy stuff?
  12. I find that it doesn't. Although it's a lot of stuff, each item is rather light and "fluffy" so all them combined sort of work to puff up the bag in 3D, instead of sitting on the bottom and weighing it down