Stupid and insulting question??

  1. I was searching eBay and came across a nice looking vintage diamond ring at no reserve, starting at $1. It is stamped 18k P so I didn't questioned that it was a fake gold but I was wondering if the diamonds were real since it was not from his/her personal collection (he/she purchased it from estate sell)

    Even though the description states "diamonds were F TO G IN COLOR VVS-1 DIAMONDS." I emailed the seller and asked if the diamonds have been tested to see if its real diamonds.

    The seller replied back saying I quote "That is a stupid question ,Please dont bid I my stuff and insulting.Thanks" :wtf:

    Was that a stupid and insulting question?? :confused1:

    I didn't mean to insult anyone, was making sure since he/she was not the original buyer. Was I wrong??
  2. No, you were not wrong. You just have to learn to brush off the freaks on eBay. There are so many of them.
  3. Is the description applicable to fake diamonds too? At any rate, I wouldn't buy anything from that hothead seller.
  4. I'd just blow it off... Frankly, when people react defensively like that, it makes me think they DO have something to hide. :smile:
  5. In a world where diamonds are czs, czs are rhinestones or "crystals," and rhinestones or "crystals" are little unfaceted blobs of transparent plastic, I don't think it was a stupid or insulting question at all.

    However, I am beyond biased. I am a former eBay user.

    And even before assuming that formerhood, I took every opportunity to recommend that people use eBay to purchase inexpensive items, and in the case of costly articles such as gemstones or high-priced handbags, that they award their custom to established and reputable retailers, licensed and authorized, in the case of the handbags, and frankly, for something like gemstones, I would apply the cashmere principle, which means in person, look, touch, wiggle it in the light, look at it with a loupe, take along a friend who knows what to look for when she looks at it with a loupe...
  6. It wasn't insulting at all. Thank goodness you stopped to ask the question or you could be dealing with this mess of a personality *after* the auction.
  7. Thank you ladies. After reading his replied message I was just shocked.

    I replied him and wrote "I didn't mean to insult anyone. I wanted to make sure since the item was vintage and b/c you are not the original buyer but got the item from estate sale"

    I do think he has a serious temper or is very sensitive.
  8. Your question was by no means insulting, however, his reply certainly was. I refuse to buy from rude sellers.

    Be careful with ebay jewelry one tpfer bought a vintage ring for $1000+ and it turned out to worth a mere fraction of that.
    If you do buy something expensive pay with your CC and take it to a jeweler to make sure the stones are genuine.
  9. Not the least insulting and politely asked - you did nothing wrong and I guess it is probably a blessing in disguise that the seller revealed something of his character in his decidedly tetchy and rude response?
  10. I don't think that your questions was stupid or insulting. I truly believe no question is a stupid question. As a buyer, it is in your best interest to ask questions. I'm sorry that you had to deal with such a rude and thoughtless seller.
  11. Your questions weren't absolutely not stupid:but this seller is!
    It's really upsetting,sometimes I read"don't ask me about authenticity":???It's a right!I never feel angry when a potential buyer is frightened,it's normal,there are so much awfull people on Ebay!
    You know what:it's finally a good thing,this buyer can keep her(his) ring!:blah:
  12. The seller is a moron, stick his ebay id in your "not if you were the last seller on earth" pile.
  13. egads.. if you're a seller on ebay, you goal should be to SELL your item, not push away potential customers. What a dumbass.
  14. As others have said, be glad the seller responded like he did. Avoid him at all costs -- he obviously has something to hide.
  15. I agree. I've dealt with rude sellers on quite a few occasions. Everytime I get a rude email, I immediately pass on the auction.

    You wouldn't expect rude service while shopping and eBay is no different!