studio pollini?

  1. has anyone had any experiences (positive or negative) with Studio Pollini shoes? are they worth the price tag?

    I visited a boutique by work today as they are having a 20% storewide sale. I tried on a pair of cute black pumps with a thicker heel and they were quite comfortable as I walked around the store. they are originally $428 before the 20% off. If they weren't on sale, they'd be almost the same price as Manolos or Pradas! I have seen the label before but never heard anything about them, so I wanted to find out if you ladies know anything about Studio Pollini.

  2. anyone? :confused1:
  3. I've never really understood those shoes. They sort of appeared out of nowhere, really pricey and showing nothing very surprising in the way of design. An old-time shoe guy told me they were well-known some years ago, but it must have been a LOT of years - I'm 74 and I never heard of them!
  4. I own 2 pairs of Pollini -- they do make some of the most comfortable shoes out there. They have been around for a century, started in Italy. They made army boots during WWI and WWII, so I guess they know a thing or two about comfort. They've collaborated and made shoes for Bruno Magli and Gucci, among other high end designers. I think they've only started being an international designer in the 60's or 70's, and they've kept their factories and publicity rather mom and pop-ish. But they are well made shoes, if not always on the cutting edge of fashion.
  5. Well, if they know about comfort, they sure didn't make MY Army boots!:lol:
  6. ^---- LOL Tanker boots are about as comfy as mil-issue will ever get! :yes:
  7. have you found them to be quite durable? thanks for the info!
  8. haha it seems they aren't well known at all...i hope they are solid shoes though! the style i bought are fairly classic.
  9. I have seen them before but I don't knoe much about them. Thanks for the info.
  10. They are exceptionally well made, comparable to other high-end shoe designers, as far as I can tell. Both pairs of Pollini's I own are silk, so they don't see regular wear, but I have had the older pair for a bit shy of a decade, and they are still good-as-new.
  11. I've seen these shoes sold at better department stores (ie Saks, Nordstrom) so I am guessing that they are good quality shoes. I don't own any so I can't give you my opinion.
  12. I have 1 pair of Pollini's. Beautiful made; very soft leather. No pain nor blisters from day 1.
    Great for a day of walking.
  13. just happened to see this thread and was wondering if any of you ladies who own pollini shoes can tell me if they run large? small? tts? i'm eyeing a pair of pollinis in a size 38 on eBay. i'm usually a us 7.5, perhaps on the smaller side of that - 37.5 in most designers, 38 in manolos. advice would be most appreciated. tia ladies!!!
  14. i have a pair of pollini winter boots and they seem to be of good quality, had them for about 5 years already and they are still wonderful!! and comfy:smile:)
  15. I think TTS but mine Pollini's are 40, (I have the Oxfords) I normally wear 39 1/2.