Struggling with my Edith

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  1. I really don't want to be struggling with this bag. I bought it on a price match from my local Nordstrom who had it shipped in. I was able to negotiate the AR list price and then the same AR 50% discount so this is a good deal.
    I was told the color was Whiskey but it turned out to be muscade..or something like that when it came. My local Nordy doesn't carry ANY chloe so this was a complete blind get.
    When it came I wasn't instantly loving it but thought it would grow..
    I am having trouble with the large handles and the rough leather...
    Ok yup I am a Marc die hard...but I have newly acquired my two paddys in tobacco and that bag.
    Also have a natural Silverado which I bought from Chloe told to me that was going to be whiskey...nope..
    Any way I don't think this is just a color thing...what am I missing. I need help to adjust my attitude...maggie:sad:
  2. It you don't like it, you don't like it. I only like the Paddy out of all the Chloe bags. I wouldn't carry a Betty even if I got one free. Can you return it?
  3. I am afraid I have to agree, its not a bargain at even 90% off if you dont like it.
    The Edith is a hard one to love, I would return it if you are not sure, I am sure lots more Chloes are going to go on sale, so you could put this towards one you really love :smile:
  4. I have to agree with the others here, no point in keeping the bag if you don't have a passion for it. If you can't return it, list it on Ebay :smile:
  5. Although I think muscade is a great color, but if you don;t like it, just return it.. you don't want to stuck with the bag that you don't like...
  6. i didn't like the edith either because of the large handles...
  7. Thank you ladies...You guys make me feel sooo much better. Anyone own a tracy? It looked really smart and I could trade for one but I don't want to do the same thing again and would love some input before I make mistake number two.
    Is AR a ligit sight?? The reason I ask is that they showed whiskey and I have since read that the original whiskey is no longer even available on a new bag.
    Back to the Edith..I know there are people who just LOVE this bag...what do you especially like? I would love to hear. maggie
  8. Yes, AR sells only authentic items. I totally understand your problem here too, but the bottom line is, if you won't really carry it, sell it. Someone else will love it! I happen to love the Edith and all of the Paddington styles (including the zippy, the shopper, etc.), but I don't like the Betty at all!
    Let us know what you decide, but a bag in a closet is a very sad thing lol!
  9. Agree with above.

    I too bought an Edith (in ivory) in hopes that I could work it into my wardrobe and look. No dice. I tried to love it, I gave it every chance, and just couldn't do it. So back it went!! I considered that 'banked purse money' for next time I do fall in love with a must-have bag.

    Ultimately I love the paddy styles, my fav still being the mini bleu nuit (thanks to an Angel above, LOL) from 2005.

    Good luck with your decision.
  10. I agreed with others too~

    I brought a whiskey edith in June and I thought I'll love it, unfortunately... it didn't go well with my wardrobe, so it has to go!!!!
    If you don't like it, just return it!!!!
  11. I agree. If you don't love it, it'll just sit in the closet which is a waste of money. That's happened with several of my bags. Then its hard to sell them on ebay.
  12. ok..great..back it goes. Have you all ever had a Nordstroms say they will not take another Nordstroms return and you have to truck to the store where you bought it or ship it there? I am a little annoyed at this attitude of a local Nordstrom. It is the one staying open in my home town and the other good one is sad. maggie
  13. ^^ I have had them say that once or twice. I ended up taking it to customer service and they were able to return it. Basically, the one store just transfers it back to the original store, but some SA's are not familiar with that policy.
  14. Nordstrom has a great return policy. I have returned items I bought from their online store. All you need is a receipt.
    I've been wondering about the edith style myself. I like the bowler, but so far my favorite is the paddington. I am hoping to catch a paddy on sale this holiday season. I totally missed out on the NAP sale.