Struggling between PRUNE and BLACK large metalasse bag. PLEASE ADVICE!

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    Dear all,

    I have a black coffer frm last year already.

    Now i am struggling betwen the PRUNE and BLACK large metalasse bag.

    i m tempted with the PRUNE but then I LOVE everything balck. Pleassssssssssse advice.

  2. Go for the prune. :tup:

    I've seen this bag at the boutique, it is beautiful - very soft and luxurious looking. In fact, in this design, the prune looks much richer and more interesting than the black.
  3. I love the prune (hate that name, but that IS the color!)! The Italian word for prune is prugna, I like that better.;)

    Black is everywhere. Prugna is a distinctive color, very classy and still neutral at the same time! Can't go wrong with that!
  4. Since you already have black coffer, go for Prune for some variety! That way you will want to rotate between your bags as they're so different ;)
  5. Another vote for the prugna... such a rich color.. and it can "go" anywhere black can!
  6. OMG - I love this style bag and was seriously thinking about buying it also.....please post some modeling pics if you get it! By the way, since you already have the vote is for Prugna!:tup:
  7. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH Leah, Prada Psycho, Joannii, Kimmy and miu2!!!

    Your unanimous decisions has helped me solve my dilemma - AND PRUGNA it is!!!!
  8. I might be a little late but I also want to vote for prune! TDF color!!!
  9. Thank you alouette.

    I actually bought the Metalasse tote already. Was just thinking if i should exchange the prugna I have to black.

    It has just come to my attention that the bag is made in turkey. although i bought it in the miu miu store, the "made in turkey" mark with in the inner pocket does cause an alarm.

    Do u ladies know if all metallasse bags are made in turkey? or are some made in italy?
  10. def. prune since you have the black coffer
    most of them made in Turkey
  11. I vote prune too!
  12. I vote for the prune coffer as well!
  13. Another vote for the prune color.