strongest hair spray

  1. I am looking for the strongest hairspray out there, any ideas? Thanks!:smile:
  2. The one that comes in the silver bottle by Bed Head works miracles for me.
  3. I use GHD fixation spray i cant use anything else now after using this, its sooo good:smile:
  4. Tresemme. The one in the blue bottle. BTW, nice nickname! hehe! That's how I call my DH... Short for Honee! hehe!
  5. Sebastian Shaper

    Used it for over 10 years..SWEAR BY IT...
  6. Kenra Super Hold Finishing Spray 25.
  7. The Aveda Firmata is strong, a bit too strong for my hair.
  8. Big Sexy Hair hairspray. Very strong stuff!!
  9. The Aveda Firmata is strong
  10. I use Urban Elements by it! It also have a nice smell to it.
  11. i 2nd that - good stuff!!! :yes: