Stretch Marks on new Box vs Old Box.


He is Risen
Jun 19, 2006
Any thoughts on this?

I find that alot of box you have seen in the past 2-3 years...has a great deal of stretch marks (veining as some call it).

But it seems older box...90s and before...doesn't really have this.

Any reason?

I have seen a blue de prusse box Kelly with stretch marks all over.....


Apr 22, 2006
I have seen this too.Also uneven in color depth? I'm not sure how to explain this.Like all the older black box that I have seen seems to be more solid black.On the newer box the color seems not as saturated? maybe it is because of the veining?I have also noticed more imperfect markings.All which is hard to capture in photographs.(I have tried to do so)But still I think the bags are beautiful.


May 13, 2008
You guys are too funny! I noticed this also on a Kelly Box that was offered to me a few weeks ago and was not happy with it due to the stretch marks. But my new Box HAC has no or minimal veining, which I was so excited about! I thought they were bringing the old Box leather out again. The chocolate box Kelly I saw at FSH had minimal veining also.
Feb 18, 2008
My rouge H box has the slightest's so hard to see irl, unless it's angled in certain lighting. Otherwise, you cannot see it at all. Looks more like "uneven" dye vs. "veining", but I imagine, it's because of the veins that these marks are there at all. I too tried to take a picture, but man, is it hard to capture!! Nothing showed up in the pics...nada.
May 27, 2007
I certainly am not well versed on old box vs new box, but the ones with the color striations or stretch marks were all on lighter colors (a toundra HAC comes to mind). No striations or marks on my black box Kelly. I just thought they looked like the "zebra" stripes on VN or barenia that Docride said is a characteristic of the leather. Or maybe I'm not talking about the same markings that people are seeing here.


May 15, 2008
You know what... I have seen the scratch marked box on medor before and it was from mid to late last year too!

No idea why though... I thought the new new box was actually from the old old box? If so then how come there was marks from the new new one but not the old old one? (ok I don't make any sense at all...)